What is Inner Management?

Inner Management is a set of skills that enable us to generate high levels of harmony in our Inner World. These skills are like navigating. In a similar fashion to how the waters in the large oceans never present themselves the same, neither does life and it many times comes with surprises (how boring if it didn’t!). Good navigators apply their skills in the best way possible to bring their ships safely and timely to the desired port. Similarly, the use of good Inner Management skills enables navigating life well on a day-to-day basis, co-creating realities that we wish for ourselves, our families, businesses, communities, etc.

Skills comprised in Inner Management can be grouped into categories, based on what they are aimed at:

Sports people, chefs, health professionals, etc. they all study and actively develop very specific skills that allow them to perform their activities increasingly better. Just the same, anyone can learn about the foundational sets of skills mentioned above and strengthen her/his capability to build a life of consciously chosen experiences. Similar to trees, more external growth is possible as roots grow deeper and reach wider.

I have made it my mission to support all those interested in developing these skills in the most solid and scientific way possible, counting on tools simple enough for daily use. My desire is that more and more people may lead their life with purpose, with their souls in much higher plentitude, finding themselves reacting much less and instead graciously directing a beautiful creation: their own blossoming.


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