The Why

Jorge_Bianchi_2013_4An inner voice has always told me that there is so much more to life and that this “much more” can indeed be experienced. My level of curiosity is very high and I enjoy pushing the limits of what seems possible. To see things with different lenses has taught me so much. I have explored many paths, with enthusiasm and an open mind.

From all those journeys, what I am able to conclude this far is that an important key to deep happiness lies in the combination of two things: mastery of our inner world + doing good. These possibilities are today more tangible than perhaps ever before. They are not just a dream difficult to be realized, they are a right that you can exercise here and now. I want to share with you as much as I can in this blog, in the simplest words I am able to come up with.

Many argue that the next stage in human evolution will be significantly driven by technological developments in fields such as biotechnology, robotics, nanotechnology, cloning, etc. No doubt that advances in any of those fields will impact forever the way we humans live on this planet. However, to me the most significant driver of our next step in human evolution, from where we stand today is the great leap forward in our understanding and mastery of the more subjective areas of our existence. In simple words: what we are able to achieve with “external” technologies relies on major advances in our “internal” capabilities. The possibilities of the inner world of humans are endless.

Our modern societies have emphasized outer reality as the tangible, more real one. However, both ancient spiritual teachings and today’s state-of-the-art science confirm that the outer, tangible world is deeply linked to our inner world. In fact, they mirror each other. What takes place inside of us triggers parallels in our surroundings and vice versa. Approaches that rely on the separation of both worlds – on the one hand those that promote the inner world as the only one (more eastern view) and on the other hand those that see the outer world as the more real one (more western view) – tend to lead to more limited – and limiting – ways of functioning day to day.

That our current times seem accelerated is an outer world perspective. We can live our inner world in harmony, without that chronic rushing, this way generating harmony in our outer world as well, which will in turn reinforce our choice of inner harmony.

Enjoy the journey! With great appreciation,

Jorge B.


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