Science has become a new religion. It has become the go-to hope for all knowing. Its reputation is high when it helps us address our problems and goes low when, repeatedly, it does not seem to be able to help. Just think of medical doctors. We consider them geniuses or miracle makers when they successfully assist us with our conditions. When things don’t go too well, we tend to consider doctors as just mere mortals at best, or as fallen or false miracle makers at worst. Just as religion, science is today relied – charged – upon to provide the betterment of our life conditions.

Science, however, presents a great attribute: it does not stop its evolution, on the contrary, it accelerates it. It always continues to pursue understanding, thus building knowledge that becomes applications, which are then upgraded or replaced by new understandings or breakthroughs. Religions, on the other hand, are rather static and built on tradition – at least widely established religions. They are supposed to provide stable channels and access to the Divine. Perhaps, an underlying belief that the Divine does not change much is exhibited by this tendency of religions not to upgrade themselves much.

A world dominated by superstition relies on pleasing the wills of the Gods. A world dominated by raw power relies on satisfying one’s own needs of worldly pleasures. A world dominated by organized empires and nations relies on religions to provide order and incentives for sacrificing. Our more current world, rather dominated by knowledge and strategic thinking, relies on science to provide the answers. An emerging world, which focuses on humanity’s sustainable growth is likely to task science with demands for much more systemic, holistic thinking in order to provide answers to the significantly enlarged levels of complexity that sustainability imposes. Science became more widely acknowledged as paramount to the progress of our lives just in the last couple of centuries. Today, it is definite: science is here to stay as central pivot to human life conditions.

A new religion has been born.