Quantum Life

The best I can recommend in order to function much better day to day, raising your quality of life while generating well-being around you, is to integrate a quantum lifestyle. Do not be intimidated by the word “quantum”! – click here if you would like to know why I use this word. Just keep reading and you will see that it is simple to understand the basics of it all.

We live in very fortunate times. Today, the most advanced science is filling us with revealing and irrefutable evidence that our inner world and that which we call outer reality are so deeply connected that we could consider them as mirrors of each other. Not one thing of what we perceive or what takes place in our surroundings has manifested without us influencing it (mostly in unconscious ways). It also works the other way: not a thing of what takes place inside of us is separate or isolated from the outer world. A quantum lifestyle implies not only to live conscious of this deep connection between our inner and outer worlds, but also to know what to do to generate realities and experiences that we like better. And of course, it is key to put it all into practice day to day!

There are subtleties in all of this. We are not talking about the movie The Secret, neither are we saying to just think that everything is possible for us humans or to use positive thinking. We are talking about “understanding” much more about how reality is generated and applying that knowledge daily to create more harmony and fulfillment for ourselves and all around us. To think that you can achieve anything and everything not knowing how to do it has very limited value – it could indeed be quite frustrating. To say affirmations over and over again, with no understanding that the power of those affirmations is weak if other elements are not also present, can also lead to poor results. To decide that your intention will create what you want while paying little attention to your outer world is also a quite limited option. To live in a quantum way involves knowing better and putting this knowhow into practice. The impact on our lives is so large that it is no doubt one of the most important leaps forward for us human beings in several thousand years.

The change is huge. For example, quite likely you think of time today as a constant that ticks forward relentlessly, that a given day has the same duration as any other day. Accordingly, you quite likely expect your plans to make progress in a linear fashion, sequentially. Now, if you think of time in a quantum way you would know that it is not a constant but that it seems to be that way within the temporal, tridimensional space that we learned to perceive since we were kids. From a quantum perspective, you would know that time is a way to measure and organize the movement of human consciousness and that in the same way that you can walk faster or slower, sideways, backward or in a straight line, you can also live according to a more elastic or extended time or according to a shrinking time. Would you like to learn how to manage your time in a different way, to hurry less, or for things to take place in a more flowing manner within your time? Welcome to the adventure of becoming a new human: The Quantum Human. This new human acknowledges her/himself as an infinite being, much more than what is contained within the boundaries of the physical body. She/he is not thoughts or emotions trapped inside a body but an eternal being who is also able to express her/himself through a vehicle that we call physical body. Your intelligence, wisdom and power as an eternal, multi dimensional being are enormous, access them!


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