Outer World

Our social, business, political and natural environments are undoubtedly changing very fast. Some propose that rather than living in a time of changes we are living in a “change of times”, moving into a new era. Our human evolution has gone through periods of accelerated changes before and in each one of those we can imagine that it was surely difficult to foresee what was to come. However, current changes take place with attributes that significantly accentuate the level of uncertainty. On the one hand, we have the very fast pace of the changes (can you feel it? do you see it in the news?). On the other hand, the never-before-seen magnitude of human populations in so many places in the world (as of 2011 we are close to 7 billion people on the globe), which makes it possible that subtle imbalances (natural environment included) can trigger risks of consequences of unthinkable proportions.

However, if we fine tune our senses we will also be able to perceive very revealing, inspiring and profoundly encouraging clues or keys, which whisper to us the possibility of a much better humanity as we go through these times of accelerated evolution. If we choose to align our actions with those keys and respect or even fuel their trend, it is very likely that we will be able to navigate these times without major disruptions and with a great sense of satisfaction. In other words, we can choose to hang on to an old ship that is now vanishing over the waters or to swim a bit and join the brand new ship that is already navigating not yet too far from the old one. What is your choice?

One of the main keys about the new times is the trend towards total transparency. I do not just mean the fact that everything has gotten so digitalized and connected that it becomes increasingly easier to reach reliable information, whether it is about a specific event, the whereabouts of a person, etc. I also mean – and very emphatically – that for some strange reason (science says it may be due to the so called “mirror neurons”, I just love it!) we humans are increasing our ability to perceive the intentions behind other people’s actions, or behind the actions of corporations or governments. This means that we may very well have begun to move from times charged with great manipulations to times of great coherence. The misalignment of intentions, speeches and actions is simply not working much anymore! And what is working increasingly better is to be very transparent and coherent.

Let’s take all this to the scope of our societies, our business environment or our governments. We are witnessing the emergence of movements that communicate their genuine intentions and undertake transparent actions to carry those intentions forward (transparent ways, unfortunately not necessarily kind or pacific). This is just the beginning; however we can already see two clear indicators of this trend. The first one is that we can see more and more movements that lack a reduced group of leaders (an example is the movements in Egypt in early 2011 which removed a 30-year dictatorship). The second one is the huge value created by a select group of corporations (value well above the one generated by the more usual profile of corporations) which are basing their actions in doing good to all those with whom they interact.

You may ask: “very well… And what can I do? What does it all have to do with me?”

You may choose to align your actions with your intentions in very transparent ways. Wherever you are, whatever work you do. Perhaps you are thinking that if you are transparent you may risk losing your job, or friends or family members. No one is able to guarantee to you that nothing like that will ever happen. However, I can certainly say that very likely new opportunities will present themselves and that your ideas and your heart will breathe fresh air.

The mindset of “the end justifies the means” is decaying. The emerging times are about “the end and the means are the same” (this last phrase is Gandhi’s).


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