Inner World

By Inner World we mean all that which takes place inside a human being. It includes of course the inner, subtle aspects of the physical body. However, it is infinitely greater in the emotional, energetic, thought-related aspects as well as the spiritual ones. These vast dimensions of the human existence, still mostly unexplored, cannot be removed and packaged in something external. They reside in our inner realm and from there give life, expression and shape to our thoughts, actions, relationships, our very surroundings (see Quantum Life)… in other words, to everything that is part of our day to day experience.

Why is a high level of harmony in our Inner World important?

First of all, because we feel much happier that way: more calmed, in peace, joyful of being alive and wanting to experience each day.

Secondly, because a higher level of inner harmony empowers us to be much more assertive, effective and creative in our daily activities in the world. We work better, we relate with others better, we experience much more clarity and a significantly enhanced capability to focus, we see more opportunities, etc.

Lastly, and perhaps the most evolutionary aspect of all, with higher inner harmony we increase our inner power exponentially, which in turn increases our ability to influence the reality that manifests around us.

Our latest science reports very solid and conclusive evidence that there is nothing in our reality that is free from the effect of our very observation, or our thinking, feeling or experiencing. However, that influence of ours is primarily unconscious and therefore carries little direction and is ultimately weak. As we generate higher levels of inner harmony, our inner power is greatly increased and along with it our capability to consciously influence what takes place. We can learn to “Choose” more and more of the reality that we get to experience. That means that we get away from living in linear ways. Things begin to happen with surprising agility and flow.

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