• Love

    Just now I sit to write about that endlessly mysterious entity called Love, that one that inhabits our hearts – our entire bodies really – when It shows up. Hard for me to say what Love is. Can say that it is sublime, that permeates the very fabric of existence deep into and beyond anything […]

    Skills for the XXI Century

    “Among those skills considered by many to be most essential for success in the twenty-first century are greater cognitive flexibility, comfort with unfamiliarity, appreciation for diverse perspectives, agility in the face of rapidly changing circumstances, an ability to hold multiple points of view simultaneously, and a capacity for discernment that relies equally on intellect and […]


    How to write about Life if it is all I have experienced? Can I really be objective? Can I get away, separate, from my existence for a minute or two and describe what existence is? On the other hand, can I really go on avoiding to attempt to describe Life? When I listen to exquisite […]


    Science has become a new religion. It has become the go-to hope for all knowing. Its reputation is high when it helps us address our problems and goes low when, repeatedly, it does not seem to be able to help. Just think of medical doctors. We consider them geniuses or miracle makers when they successfully […]