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Business Advisory Services
Consulting in Strategy & Organizational Development

In 2013, I merged my consulting practice in Chile with the activities of multinational consulting firm Axialent, giving rise to Axialent Chile. As Managing Partner of this operation, I feel quite honored to lead such an excellent team, whose passion is supporting those organizations determined to take a quantum leap in their evolution.
We are babies in the grand scheme of the many possibilities in which we can evolve as humans, and in the kind of organizations we can create!

Conscious Leadership, Business and Capitalism

We specialize in helping organizations embrace the principles of Conscious Capitalism and become Conscious businesses. Our services support the definition of a higher purpose and the its fulfillment through the development of conscious leaders, aligned teams, and a culture of excellence.
Companies don’t improve the bottom line. People improve the bottom line of companies. Behind every business challenge there are leaders and teams that analyze problems, make decisions, design strategies, build processes and implement actions that yield results.

We help our clients to:

✓ Define and awaken a sense of higher purpose, enabling alignment in decision-making and high levels of motivation and performance.
✓ Develop a stakeholder relationship management philosophy and practice within the organization, significantly improving organizational adaptability and sustainability.
✓ Strengthen key leadership capabilities to increase leaders’ effectiveness and drive superior performance.
✓ Build an organizational culture that fuels the execution of the organization’s business strategy and that positively reinforces itself.

A different kind of advisory and consulting services, grounded in:

✓ Complex Thinking: today’s levels of complexity in the business and organizational environments are higher than ever. Top executive teams are best supported by advice and services grounded in a breadth of understanding about social, economic, business and technology megatrends.
✓ Well-rounded Knowledge: our professional services benefit from our unique blend of expertise in Business Strategy, Organizational and Leadership Development as well as Human Development and Inner Management techniques.
✓ A fresh Mind, not recipes: we assess each unique situation with a fresh mind, not aiming to force the application of recipes. This allows us to develop and guide effective paths of accelerated evolution for the organizations we work with.
The purpose that drives us is to assist top executive teams in designing and achieving true, lasting organizational and leadership transformations that are result oriented and create significant material and human value for all those involved.
We are very glad to talk with you to understand your needs and explore what we can do for your organization and leadership. Just CLICK HERE and please provide us with a phone number or email to contact you.